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Imax is an Italian wood tailoring company, employed in the field of bespoke design around the world, designing and producing exclusively in Italy.

Made in Italy is inherent in research, versatility, style and exclusivity thanks to collaborations with selected artisans who make their expertise available to Imax.

This allows us to be able to manage the entire production chain by integrating purely wooden production, with leather, fabrics, stone, metals which are studied and worked in a sartorial way, making each product or project unique and personalized.

The company has always been at the highest levels of custom-made furniture, stairs, windows and kitchens, engaging in a continuous innovative process and a constant search for technological solutions and construction details emphasized by innovative design and exciting finishes.

Imax combines the 'know-how' typical of Italian artisan companies with the industrial organization necessary in a contemporary competitive context. The qualified workers who have always worked with wood are supported by an efficient technical office that gives shape to the desires and needs of an increasingly refined clientele in search of exclusivity.

Thanks to this organization and expertise we are also able to respond to the requests of designers, architects and builders with the possibility of site management.

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